What’s New for 2023

At Langley Park Golf Studio

Are you tired of going to the driving range and not seeing improvement?

Are you trying to get into positions Rory McIlroy couldn’t achieve?

There must be a better way, right?

I believe the answer to the last question is a definite YES!

Through my own experimentation and training I personally have made huge gains and I know I can do this for you too.

With a small amount of commitment, a desire to improve and an improved understanding of your golf game everybody can make the gains to improve scores regardless of age and flexibility.

Within The Studio we have the best combination of experience, technology and most importantly empathy to make 2023 your best golfing year ever.

There is no need to spend endless time hitting balls on the driving range getting the same old results, there other less stressful ways.

By using our solid knowledge and proof of improvement you not only see the difference, you feel it.

If you have never had a lesson with us in the past why not take a 1 hour assessment to discover where exactly you can make your own gains and also understand YOUR golf game.

Priced at £30

Improvement Bundle

  • 6 x 1 Hour personal coaching sessions
  • 2 Hour Playing Lesson
  • 6 x 30 Minute Practice Sessions

£480 (Normally £550 a saving of £70)